Flare Surveillance System

Since drilling and production sites are frequently located in areas without electrification, Flare created our remote solar powered, wireless, trailer mounted camera unit for LIVE STREAMING OPERATIONAL VIDEO with up to the last 30 days of continuous recordings on a network video recorder. The unit has two high tech color cameras. The first camera is a fisheye camera which covers a 360-degree area with the distance being determined by the height of the camera. This imagery can be viewed in several different perspectives. This camera continuously records the area covered with the data downloaded to the network video recorder. The second camera is a pan\tilt\zoom camera offering 360-degree views with continuous recording of the viewing. These cameras can be remotely managed and viewed live by iphone or ipad using the Flare app. They can be remotely managed, viewed live or view recorded footage by any PC with an internet connection. Remote viewing of your location from anywhere is as simple as using a webcam.

Remote units can be deployed almost anywhere and are operational within 30 minutes of arrival. With the Flare system, you have the ability to monitor your equipment from a smart phone, tablet or laptop 24/7 in high definition in color during the day and in infrared at night.

System Uses & Benefits

The Flare Monitoring System provides remote streaming and recording options anywhere, anytime.

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System Specifications

The Flare system includes 360-degree fish eye cameras, and video cameras for continuous streaming along with an app and software.

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